Thrival Pack


Awaken Change has created a special Thrival Pack just for you to shift the energy in these unknown times! We have been quarantined for about 2 weeks now and eases the lessons you will learn during this time!

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Elevate Your Meditation Practice

Shen So Su elevates your meditation experience by channeling energy from Spirit to your third eye and takes you on a mind-blowing, multi-dimensional journey!

You’ll enjoy a meditation experience unlike any you’ve ever had before!

You can expect to feel deeper relaxation & more focus, receive new messages, get better connected to Spirit and heal yourself in ways you never thought possible.

Every experience with Shen So Su is unique!

How to Use Shen So Su

Using Shen So Su is easy!

Simply place the cache over your eyes, forehead, belly or anyplace else you want to channel energy during your meditation.

Then lie down & relax while the cache helps bring you what you’ve asked for!

Feel free to write down any messages you recieve after your meditation. I like to keep a journal to jot down what I saw, heard or felt. If you fall asleep that is just your body’s way of soaking up the healing energy.

meditation cache
better meditation

Instructions & Care

Your Shen So Su cache comes in two pieces. Place the smaller inner Pocket filled with crystals inside the larger Outer Cover which goes over your eyes, forehead or wherever you choose to place them.

You can remove the Inner Pocket anytime to wash JUST the Outer Cover. We recommend washing in cold water and drying on low heat or line dry.

You will occasionally need to energetically cleanse your crystals. Click here for more information about cleansing your crystals or washing your cache.

How Shen So Su Was Created

The creation of these beautiful caches has been a 3 year journey for me. That was the year I got remarried and we had lots of changes in our family dynamic. My guides sent the inspiration for Shen So Su one day in the shower in the form of a symbol!

I did not understand it then, but I knew it was part of my soul journey. It just felt different. Immediately my ego came in and tried to squash the healing that I was downloading from Spirit. Can you relate to hearing the negative talk in your head?

Every day, I worked with the symbol and the journey unfolded, quieting my mean voice and opening up my spirit! A friend gave me a blue apatite crystal as a gift. I started using it on my third eye daily and my meditation created an awakening in me that I had been begging for!

I wanted to share this type of mediation experience with the world. I saw major changes in my love life, my family life and my business. My creativity was exploding and my heart was open.

Today, Shen So Su is my gift to the world in hopes of bringing us to a higher consciousness on the planet and helping us all achieve total healing, love and success!

Click here to read the full story behind Shen So Su.

What Others Have to Say

Kelly B.
I meditated with the cache and OMG how can I voice my experience? Let’s just say I felt feelings that I haven’t felt for years like childhood years, so so amazing!!
Dana U.
Meditating with your cache is definitely inspiring my creativity!
Amy A.
I woke up this morning feeling super overwhelmed and decided to put on the cache and meditate or at least try and I felt better after!
Rebekah C.
Deeply relaxing, a lot of visions and messages coming through!