Invite Money, Opportunity & Insight Into Your Life

A few pumps and an open mind are all it takes

Do you struggle to find enough money to pay your bills and dream of being financially independent?
Do you feel trapped at your job because haven’t found your true passion at work?
Are you fearful about what the future holds for you or your kids?
Do you feel stuck in your life and need guidance on what to do next?
Do you want to surround yourself with positive people?
Do you want to learn how to receive instead of always giving?

Abundance by Awaken Change® attracts more of the things you want into your life!

Created with Reiki mantras, the power of crystals and a touch of essential oil, this energy-infused mist channels opportunity, money and insight where you need them most:

  • Invite more money into your household
  • Receive answers to questions you’ve been wrestling with for years
  • Find the perfect job or business (one filled with passion)
  • Clear emotional blocks and stalled energy for you or your children
  • Replace fear and anxiety with optimism and empowerment
  • Reconnect with your inner child to find more fun in your life


Our products are made with love by hand & are designed to help you improve your life. Shop with confidence as every product we sell is backed by a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

Mist a few pumps on yourself, ask the universe for what you need and watch as the life-giving energy of Abundance enters your life. It might happen right away, later that day or soon after. Open yourself up to the opportunities which await you.

Directions for Use:

Pump 2-3 mists near the face, body or any other object you would like to infuse with positive energy such as your bills, computer, car, workspace, etc.

Use daily or multiple times daily as desired

As you spray, set your intentions to invite money, opportunity, insight or abundance into your life


Do not ingest

Do not use with skin rashes or conditions

Do not purchase this product unless you have an open mind!

Every slot is booked with appointments and am booked more than two weeks out since I have been spraying Awaken Change® Abundance!
I must thank you because your Abundance spray works! Another $2,500 came in this week and just two days ago another unexpected $1,500!
My grandson was being bullied at school and it would not stop. In just one month of spraying Abundance, the bullying stopped, and his teacher has been raving about the changes in him!