Inner Peace


Inner Peace Transforms Your Life

Let the power of the Eclipse & guidance of the Owl show you how…

Does it feel like an uncontrollable tornado is swirling around you, tossing the pieces of your life in different directions?

When life gets crazy, your head gets cloudy, you question your judgement and it feels like you’ll never find the right path to the life you want to live.

You’re worried about your health, your career, finding a soul mate or reconnecting with your partner.

Past hurt from parents, family and friends lodge in your heart and in the way of being more kind and compassionate towards others.

You’re disconnected.. living outside your body. And you don’t know how to change.

Inner Peace by Awaken Change® is a catalyst for transformation.

Created with energy from the Solar Eclipse and infused with the ancient power of animal medicine from the Owl, this energy-infused mist initiates once-in-a-generation changes where you need them most.

Priceless changes in your life to come with a few sprays and a little work!


Our products are made with love by hand & are designed to help you improve your life. Shop with confidence as every product we sell is backed by a 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee!

Awaken Change Inner Peace is no joke! My wish list is manifesting around me! I am watching it come with inner peace and the absence of fear in my heart and utter amazement in my brain!
I sold my salon for exactly what I wanted two days after we did our session and made my intention list! Thank you for waking me up even more to the feminine energy and now trusting it!
Since I started spraying Inner Peace, a lot of things have shifted! I feel empowered and have zero expectations. I am laughing more and loving myself more! I’m finally doing me!