Awaken Change® Videos

Tap In To Abundance!

You can have it all but you must tap in!

Anti-Parasitic Master Tonic

What do you do with your lunch break on a Friday? Come home and get your brew on with a Master Tonic!

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Finding Your Inner Witch

Are your fears holding you back? What better time to conquer the scary things in your life than the Halloween season?

I hope you enjoy this ceremony to help bury or burn the fears that are holding you back from embracing the brave, wild, witchy woman we all have inside! Visit my group program page.

Release, Replenish, Repeat!

Third Eye Meditation + Awaken Change® Group Program Orientation

Join me in opening your third eye as I take you through a short guided meditation as a part of the orientation for my Group Programs!

Masculine vs. Feminine Energy

Let's talk about the sexes baby! Each of us hosts both masculine and feminine energy within that, whether consciously or subconsciously, we are constantly trying to balance.

What is your body telling you?

Combating the Controlling Candida Voice!

Have you or a loved one lost an internal battle with the controlling voice of Candida? Sugar is king during the Summer months but you don't have to bend the knee with this pro-tip; Stay strong my friends!

Throat Chakra Challenge

Speak your truth today! Doesn't matter where or to whom but make sure you get it out. Want to learn more about how to do this the RIGHT way so that your chakra is completely cleared?

The Components of Physical Pain

It's happy hour and we're talking The Components of Physical Pain - Physical, Emotional, and Absorbed. Are you taking on someone else's pain? If you've explored all medical solutions and are still experiencing physical pain, you may need to LET IT GO!

Master Cleanse Recipe

How do you detox when your body is begging for it? This is my tried and true recipe and instructions on how to start the master cleanse your body craves. Drink up!

Clearing Chakras With Breath Work

Instead of trying to knock out the long list of "to-do's" I encourage you to live in the present, focus on one thing at a time, and just breathe.

Full Moon Ceremony

The full moon gives us such a beautiful opportunity to honor, heal, and give thanks for all the opportunities we've received to learn. This can be done once a month with EVERY full moon. Try it out!

Take Some Time For You

Really think about everything you did today...How much of it was truly for you? Because you wanted to do it...? Self love is the first step in loving others. Give it a shot, you deserve it!

Juice Cleanse - No Food for Three Days!

I didn't think I could either but, here I am. And better than ever! Listen as I take you through why I did it, what I survived on, and the AMAZING results I've been feeling. Don't let your fear keep you from a challenge (like I did), give it a try!

Pesky Parasites

Are you experiencing issues with weight gain, pain in the joints, and/or low energy or motivation? Parasites mask themselves as generic issues so, check yourself!

What Women Want

This Helen Hunt, Mel Gibson movie really resonated with me and inspired me to encourage you! Speak your truth, say what you want, and watch how things that are not meant for you simply get out of the way. Enjoy!

Time to Grow

The goddesses have spoken ladies - IT'S TIME TO GROW! Watch as I pull a Goddess Oracle card to help me understand and deliver what the women I will reach with Awaken Change's October Newsletter (and Break Any Pattern Program), really need to hear! Visit my group program page to learn more!