home_yoga_dividerFor beginners that want to begin developing their intuition I will teach you how to do this. We will use a combination of tools such as cards, crystals, candles, Reiki, and meditation to open up your mind and achieve your goal of becoming intuitive. You may feel like you have a good “gut” feeling so I will help you learn what that means and how to expand on it. With training, you may begin to see lights, signs, animals or people that have passed and we can work on interpreting that and using the signs to help guide you to learn lessons. You may want to start out figuring out who your guides are and how they can help you on your path in life.


This can have many names, mentoring, counseling, teaching, coaching etc. I like to call it consulting because I am giving you the tools you need to have the healthiest mind and body balance you can achieve. Don’t mistake this for perfection but yet learning to love and live in your body while nurturing your soul and finding happiness in your life.


Spiritual consulting can be done at your own pace. If you are on a spiritual journey and would like to move at a faster pace and I would recommend having weekly sessions. Each session would be an hour.

If there are just a few areas you would like to work on but want more of a relaxed pace I would recommend every 2-3 weeks for an hour session.

To open your path to the Divine, God or whomever you would like to be connected with you can build that relationship and keep the energy flowing with once a month sessions.

Any other special requests may be accommodated with a complimentary phone call. Sessions are completed in my office or over the phone and can be completed in an individual or a group setting.