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The Story behind Shen So Su….

3 years ago, the symbol SSS was given to me in the shower (where quite a few of my intuitive messages drop in on me). Water is a portal and a lot of information from spirit flows in water! I had no idea what SSS meant at the time, but I was asking the universe for help… help to find my career path, help with a new blended family, help with children, sleep and even protection from negative energy sent by others!

I tried to heal everything and anything. I worked on Reiki certifications, sacred geometry certifications & coached with every psychic or healer I could find!

I’m not going to sugarcoat things... It was touch and go for almost two years.

But no matter what, everyday I kept drawing the symbol on the wall of the shower and would take a deep breath in, feel the energy, and ask for Spirit to heal what I needed.

I asked Spirit to improve my business. I asked for compassion and love. I asked for Spirit to wipe my tears when I felt stress in our home.

Little by little, meditating daily, learning, growing, releasing control, and opening myself up to a bigger light force, our daily lives began to drastically improve.

The house was more peaceful. Respect & kindness replaced anger & stress.

Things were improving by leaps & bounds - and I owed this all to Spirit!

My guides told me this healing was a gift and it would be given to others one day!

This begged the question - what do I do with this healing gift and a symbol that looked like SSS?

The Gift of Clarity

Over the next two years, things continued to improve. Yes, there were setbacks & some days were better than others, but there will always be bumps on the road of life.

I began to notice that when I meditated with my crystals and asked for healing, I felt peace in my mind, my body and even in my soul.

I could clearly see the changes in myself & others.

When I closed my eyes, put the cache over my third eye and turned on some background music, I actually felt myself shifting out of the 3rd Dimension, into the 4th, then blasting into the 5th!!

It was pure bliss!

My body would even jerk or move to confirm to me energy was shifting! It felt so good!

My meditations shifted anything I wanted and would see the improved changes in my life with my family & my business. I even started to see visions not only during meditation, but during the day as well.

I was being gently pushed to share meditation with others. I was leading groups with long meditations, seeing amazing experiences happen in people's lives, and my messages were so loud and clear I would write them down and carry a journal with me at all times.

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My life changed forever one day when my client brought me a gift during a cacao ceremony.

It was a big piece of blue apatite, rough, but just smooth enough not to be sharp and in the shape of an eye but the size of a nose!

She said this crystal wanted to be with me!

Just holding it gave my body chills like a giant awakening! During our cacao meditation I saw flashes of blue all around me and my third eye was vibrating.

In our journaling exercise which followed, I asked why I always go back to the same “shy” me. Why was I afraid to step into my power and take more risks?

I asked the crystal and my guides to help me break these patterns!

That blue apatite crystal unlocked incredible doors that day and the magic began to happen! I’ve never been the same.

I noticed that the blue apatite relieved stress & helped empty out my third eye where we hold a lot of stories that aren’t true and anxiety.

Plus, I noticed my skin was improving. I was getting compliments about looking younger.

I felt amazing!

I absolutely fell in love with the blue apatite & knew this crystal was going to take me on a journey like never before.

Everytime I would meditate with the blue apatite crystal, even if it was for 5 minutes, I would experience tremendous healing for any situation!

I started teaching about it in my groups & making healing sprays with the blue apatite.

I ordered kilos of it and have it all around the house.

I would give it to all my clients, my kids & my hubby. I bought jewelry with it, and surrounded myself with it everywhere I went.

I even started crushing it up and putting it in a ziplock bag across my forehead so I could get the full effect when I meditated. This was the birth of Shen So Su!!

What exactly is Shen So Su - The Crystal Meditation cache

Shen So So is a transformation, healing, meditation experience! It’s a meditation tool.

The name means “Spirit of Healing and Love”.

This energy was transformed into physical form which is now a retail product that is available to the public.

Shen So Su is a cotton double pocket crystal filled meditation tool designed to help you elevate your meditation experience.

I call it a cache because when I started to use it I would put it over my eyes. The crystals are hidden in one place but also have a clear side so you can see their beauty! The weight of the crystals would immediately relax me, and allow me to go into a deep meditation, quickly!

Shen So Su is not just for the face or forehead. You can hold it in your lap while you meditate ,put it on any chakra or simply having  it in your purse, pocket or car allows you to receive the benefits of the crystals!

Each one is hand sewn in the USA and the crystals are picked by me.

I cleanse the crystals, charge the caches using my guides, angels, and Shen So Su “The Spirit of Healing and Love”.

Shen So Su is made from a cotton blend fabric that has both an inner pocket and an outer pocket.

Every crystal speaks and wants to be in certain caches. I encourage you to also read about different emotional, spiritual and physical healing properties of the crystals.

The intentions are set for the caches and are typed on little cards included with the caches.

It has a velcro opening so if you want to change out the crystals or maybe just add a new one to shift the energy or work on a particular chakra you can.

The outer pocket can be hand washed if it gets dirty. But please do not wash the inner pocket!

Shen So Su is about the size of your forehead and will cover the majority of your forehead and part of your eyes if you’re laying down.

However, Shen So Su can be put anywhere on the body for healing and is not limited to the third eye.

What Does Shen So Su Mean?

I kept asking my guides for help with the name.

They just laughed and said “we already gave it to you 3 years ago”: Shen So Su!

So I asked my guides, what does Shen mean?

They said “Spirit”.

I said ok, but what about So?

A quick reply: “healing”.

And what about Su?

Again a quick answer: “love”.

So I put it all together and confirmed with my guides.

Shen So Su” means “Spirit of Healing and Love”.

I just melted, cheered, and laughed! It felt so good, so loving. It was everything that I had felt for so long. It came from the highest of light and love at the most divine time!

What does Shen So Su do for you?

Shen So Su is a meditation tool designed to provide you with an experience, and take you on a journey!

Meditating with Shen So Su will help you:

How Do You Use Shen So Su?

When you buy Shen So Su, it arrives in two pieces.

Insert the crystal pocket into the larger pocket.

If you want to add or remove any crystals there is an opening in the inner pocket.

However, I recommend using the cache how it comes a few times before you begin to add other crystals.

Now, you’re ready to meditate.

Find a comfortable spot where you can lay down or recline.

Place the cache over your eyes, forehead or another body part.

Or, if you prefer to meditate sitting up or walking, place the cache wherever it’s comfortable.

If you’re sitting up, that might be in your lap or simply nearby. If you’re walking, put it in a pocket. As long as the crystal energy is nearby, you’ll get the full effect!

Breathe, a few times exhaling and inhaling with intention to clear the body, the mind and the space you are in.

Set a timer for any amount of time that you have. I recommend 20-45 minutes. 10 minutes is also very effective to help with headaches.

I like to turn on a noise maker or use background Reiki music or Native American instrumental music.

Ask for Shen So Su “The Spirit of Healing and Love” to come in, breath and feel the energy come in.

Set your intention and ask for what you need help with. Relax and enjoy your time meditating!

How is meditation better when you use Shen So Su?

The feeling is relaxing, freeing, and opening. It has a protective feeling, like you can try something new and nothing is going to “ happen” to you.

It is peaceful, and adventurous. It is calming and reassuring.

It makes you feel empowered and confident. It is a new way of feeling and opens you up to a new way of being present in the body and in your life.

The meditation experience using Shen So Su will help you become aware of who you are and what your blind spots are, and open you up to your strengths and your creative abilities. It will help calm and reduce the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back so you can evolve and grow.

Cleaning and Cleansing Instructions:

The crystals can be used many times before you should cleanse them (energetically).

Cleansing crystals is easy… you can:

Breathe fresh air on them with your breath using the help of Mother Earth.

Sage them by holding sage or incense around the cache (but don’t touch the vinyl or fabric with a flame or embers).

Expose them to the New Moon or Full Moon with the crystals facing up or put on the windowsill.

Put a selenite on the crystals, even for a few minutes.

Put Shen So Su next to a tree or plant.

This can be done as often as needed.

The outer pocket can be hand washed, but the inner pocket is not to be washed.

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What others are saying about Shen So Su:

Kelly B.
I meditated with the cache and OMG how can I voice my experience? Let’s just say I felt feelings that I haven’t felt for years like childhood years, so so amazing!!
Dana U.
Meditating with your cache is definitely inspiring my creativity!
Amy A
I woke up this morning feeling super overwhelmed and decided to put on the cache and meditate or at least try and I felt better after!
Rebekah C.
Deeply relaxing, a lot of visions and messages coming through!
-Heather T.
Slept soooo deep. I did fall asleep with it on my eyes. In the morning my belly hurt and felt uneasy, put the cache there and fell back asleep!
Lauren C.
Last night I did the higher self meditation from your website with my new cache and it was so powerful!!! I am slowly getting to a place of peace and moving on to whatever is next! I will continue to explore that!