10-Minute Guided Meditations

Just 10 minutes a day solves everything or at least that is what my husband and I joke about!

I have noticed when we make a daily habit of giving our attention to even the little things, there are massive positive energy shifts!! This is why I chose to offer these meditations.

If I can make loving, healthy and fun choices in my daily life to play with spirit then so can you!

I want to share this spiritual awareness with you so you can help you, your family and the community become grounded, aligned and focused on love!

Whether you’re just getting started on your meditation journey or you practice daily, everyone can benefit from just 10 minute daily guided meditation from Awaken Change!

Let It Go!
It’s An Owl Kind of Day
Creating Space - Paint Points
Sacral & Lioness Energy
Pink Moon & Oak Tree Energy
Servant & Gratitude
Solving the Puzzle…
Fluorite & Reducing Negative Energy
Be A Clear Channel
Self Love
The Fool...You Are A Radiant Being
How To Release Fear & Spread High Vibes
Balancing Chakras
Exploring Options
Conversation With The Ego
From 3D to 5D
Stretch & Feel
Root & Shen So Su
Female Fun
Earth Cards
Sandalphon Power
Using The Elements To Heal
Goddess Side
Full Moon Reach
Masculine Energy Release
Plugging The Leaks
Pulling Yourself Up
7th Chakra
Shen So Su Saturday
Bird Feathers
Earth Day
Creating Space To Change The Patriarchal System
What Is Love?
How Are You Feeling?

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