Reiki Weight Loss

A Journey of Self Healing Using Reiki as Your Guide

What Is Reiki Weight Loss? Good Question.

When you read this you might be in the frustrated stage of thinking about your body. You could be having a health crisis and need to figure some things out.

You might want to lose 10 pounds or 30 or you might just want to start loving yourself again because you are sick and tired of being sick and tired!

Or you might be looking for Reiki Weight Loss symbols thinking that’s the solution. I thought so too at first. But they’re just tools along the way.

Here’s What You Need to Know

I am going to walk you through the first 5 steps that I use in Reiki Weight Loss and in my everyday life and with my clients. These critical steps constantly keep me on my toes, they keep my brain working, my body moving, my self love flowing and my family healthy.

My Reiki Weight Loss Program has a total of 10 steps. But the 5 covered in this guide should be enough to give you a well rounded idea of what’s involved and to see if it calls you to learn more.

Now, a little bit about me so you know where I’m coming from...

  • Am I a size 2? No
  • Do I have cellulite? Yes
  • Do I go to the gym every day? No
  • Am I happy? Yes. Am I healthy? Yes
  • Am I in pain? No
  • Do I take any medication? No

All that said, I do use Reiki everyday on myself, with my family and with my clients. And I’m here to tell you, it works. I’ve seen the results in myself and those around me.

But enough about me. Now you have to ask yourself - what is important to you?

You don’t have to have the answer now but you have to be willing to always be asking yourself what is important to you and always take an inventory of your emotions as we go through these 5 steps.

And you have to be willing to learn & grow.

It’s good to be curious. That means you are opening the door to success whether it’s on your weight loss journey, your life or your business. Always be curious and always try new things. Humans are still evolving. So think of yourself as always changing, growing, learning, and set the stage for success as this journey begins.

The second you get stuck, try a new way. It may be a new way of thinking, it may be a new process, it could be a new surrounding but always keep looking for another door opening.

Moving around when you’re feeling stuck is what energy healing is all about!

Learning the 3 Rs

Emotions are your body’s way of asking you to listen to what's going on inside. And my favorite thing to do is release them, replenish your body and mind then renew your spirit!

Get to know this statement well:

Release, Replenish and Renew!

It is easy to remember the 3 R’s but you have to do them!

Is Reiki Weight Loss Going to Work For You?

I like to set expectations up front so there is no disappointment. As a woman, we are built with guilt and so we don’t need to add any more as we go down this weight loss journey.

First, Let’s Identify What “Kind” Of Weight You Want to Lose

Reiki Weight Loss can be physical weight, emotional weight, or both.

Let that sink in for a moment.

You might be one of the lucky ones to have both happen at the same time, but don’t expect this right away.

This is a journey not a sprint.

This is an energetic shift not a get skinny fast program.

This is for the mind, body and soul, not just for the skin, muscles and your favorite jeans that you want to fit back into.

It is a whole body, mind and spiritual experience.

Weight is energy that you have stored in the body. On your journey you may find out that the excess fat is stored in the mind and not the body!

Or you might have a Karmic lesson you must clear in this lifetime in order to lose the weight first and then it might come off. You must be open to many lessons coming your way and you must take time to listen, soak them in and learn from them.

So if you do not have the time, mental capacity, or space to take on something new it’s ok but Reiki Weight Loss is probably not for you at this moment.

Second, Let’s Talk About Your Mental State

You must have an open mind and a sense of humor helps along the way!

Yes, having an open mind means getting out of your comfort zone because we will be talking about poop, eating habits, stubborn sides of your personality, and holistic and alternative treatments. Talking about poop and laughing about it always seems to make it fun and laughing helps the brain to heal!

Also your inner child lives in your belly, so the more belly laughing you do, the more happy you become! Then it is contagious to your adult self who is struggling.

It just makes everything easier!

So, if you cannot be open minded and do not want to laugh then Reiki Weight Loss is probably not for you at this moment!

So now that we have your expectations low and open we are ready to begin!

Are you ready to change your weight and your life? If you are, download our free guide now and get started!

Step 1 - Connecting Food to Energy

  • Do you eat everything you want?
  • Do you hold back from certain foods or drinks?
  • Do you eat what your body wants you to eat or what your stomach tells you to eat?
  • Do you eat what your trainer tells you to eat or or maybe the latest diet book?
  • Do you eat whatever you want but you must work out daily or take uppers and metabolism supplements to keep your weight the same?

There are so many questions I could ask you and we could spend our entire journey on step one. But what you must know is that the reason I call it Reiki Weight Loss is because Reiki means Universal Life Energy. And that’s what we are! Energy! Everything we do and eat is and made of is energy.

Weight loss is an energy game!

So why not use the Energy from the Universe to teach us about ourselves and what our eating habits should look like, how they can change, what we can eat and how we can create the body, mind and spirit we want?

Yes, you can go get certified and incorporate the symbols of Reiki into your weight loss journey, but it is not necessary. I will teach you other tools you can use to help yourself.

So in Step 1, we are learning about energy and everything we eat has energy.

Our stomach might like a certain food, but our mind doesn’t.

Our mind might want green juices but our ego wants us to go eat fast food.

Our candida might be craving sugar but our joints are already achy from the inflammation.

Every little thing we put in our mouth has energy, and it is your job to start to pick it apart and begin this journey.

The Absolute Best Side Effect Is...

One amazing thing this will do for you is begin to make your mind very clear and prep the way for you to connect mind body and spirit as one. You will begin to hear the different voices of your body and mind and how they talk to each other.

One may be bossy, one may be sad, one may be the party goer.

Get to know these voices and which one is controlling your eating.

Is it the sad voice that needs love and fried chicken tenders?

Or is it the party goer that wants wine and cheese every night with no vegetables.

Or is it the bossy one that says you must only eat salads and proteins to lose weight and it's making your miserable, oh and you haven’t lost any weight.

Either way, if you are still reading this your spirit led you here and it wants help!

So tell the other voices that are already feeling like they are going to be put in a cage that they will be ok and you are just reading an article. Remember, be curious.

Step 2 - Get to Know Your Poop

This is probably where you are thinking: why do I need to care about my poop?

And this is where I say: because your poop tells your everything!

Your gut health is so important to your weight loss journey and your health journey. Some reading may want to be healthy and will learn to accept  some love handles and other people will want to be skinny and not care about health. But my goal for you is to combine the two and become a whole person and not separate the two.

We are energy and so how can you seperate the energy in your body like that and actually function as a whole person. You can’t.

Bits and pieces began to separate and your health will take a toll, or your relationships and the cool thing is you can see that in your poop!

My Journey Started with Parasites

In 2014 I started swelling up after 2 days on my first trip to Puerto Rico. I didn’t notice until I put on my new years eve dress and it wouldn’t zip.

Sure we had been eating more than usual bc the food was so amazing and I felt like we ordered one of everything to try the local flair.

But what I didn’t realize is that I had picked up two types of water parasites!

When I got home, I started to gain weight slowly all around my belly.

I’ve NEVER had weight on my belly. I always had major abs and I loved that.

Now, I looked 4 months pregnant at all times. My friend asked me if I was pregnant.

I started getting love handles, and body aches and began feeling tired all the time. My skin was irritated and I had gone up two sizes.

So that is how I started my journey of Reiki Weight Loss.

Stop Reading About Reiki Weight Loss & Start Doing It Instead

Trying to Get “Back” to My Ideal Weight

I began this mission of healing myself by trying to get back to my original size.

My original thinking was that it was weight I needed to lose from enjoying my trip too much and being in love. Then, as I progressed with my Reiki Master Certification, the Universal Energy showed me I had parasites and I had gotten them from accidentally drinking contaminated water.

I began to do energy healing treatments on myself multiple times a week but I didn’t really began healing until I started looking at my poop. I started to see the parasites and they began to multiply every 7 days and grow larger.

I made the whole family began looking at their poop. I would take pictures, check the kids, and even my husband had to go through the torture of examining mine, his and the kids.

We had some amazing laughing sessions, almost vomiting sessions, some mental breakdown sessions, the emotions were flying at an all time high.

I thought I was going crazy because every doctor said I didn’t have parasites!

2 years later, I was still living with my new size, my new belly with a nice layer of fat on it, and fatigue. Straight up fatigue.

Then, the gift of God came and I found a blood specialist. He did a live blood sample & looked at my blood under a microscope. You could see all the parasites swimming around like a playground!

He said wow! How are you doing so well you are completely infested with parasites?

I said “Reiki!”

After that visit, I was on a quest to look at my poop even more to figure out what I had. I found an amazing parasites specialist doctor in Colorado and sent him my poop, and he found 3 types of parasites and finally confirmed what I had been living with.

The moral of the story is don’t give up! Keep trying new and different things! And don’t forget to check your poop!

After you know what you’re dealing with, the cleansing begins!

Are you ready to change your weight and your life? If you are, download our free guide now and get started!

Step 3 - Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse and when you think you are done, Cleanse!

When you are on a Weight Loss Journey, you must cleanse your body, your surroundings, your relationships and whatever else may come up.

Part of weight is stress and I’m sure you have read enough about that so we will not focus on that.

However, your surroundings and your relationships absolutely affect your ability to lose physical and emotional weight.

The key point I want to address here is finding your authentic self.

Remember at the top when I asked you want is it that you really want?

Well here is a chance to find your authentic self.

Do you really want to be a size 2 and back into your high school jeans?

Or, do you really just want to feel good when you are naked?

Do you want to give up pizza and some indulgences to have that 6 pack, or would you rather just be fit and happy with the occasional veggie slices instead of extra pepperoni?

Would you rather have a few close friends that you can have deep conversations with that fill your soul, or a bunch of friends that you party and drink with that make your feel important?

What is it that fills your soul?

I want to ask you this in many different ways throughout this because at different stages you are going to hear those voices pop in and they all have needs and they all want a say.

So the goal is to cleanse out the ones that are helping you make poor choices and to cleanse those cravings so you can figure out what you are really doing and how you want to live your life.

Now let’s get specific… I have been cleansing for almost a year and have consulted with many nutritionists, read a million articles, have protocols from every parasite healer I can find. The, I ask the Reiki energy to always provide me with new people that can add beneficial information into my life for healing.

I have completely changed my diet, my mindset, the way I think about the earth and the herbs it provides for healing.

I work on myself daily, I go see a belly massage therapist, I got allergy tested to find out what I was allergic to.

I take supplements that cleanse, and I make sure to do what I teach.

I release the emotions, habits or people that are bothering me and replenish with all good stuff like joy and love and organic foods, and repeat. And everytime I come around the circle again I add in a new skill.

This month alone I have made about 8 different kinds of vegetable soup. I have done new guided meditation to different realms for healing. I have cut cords and attachments to things and people so I can grow and change.

And then I learn something new.

A new food that’s good, a new herb, a new crystal and what it does for the body.

Think alternative!

Think out of the box.

This is what you must do too!

Step 4 - Eat (Mostly) Vegetarian!

Since everything has energy, the reason to eat (mostly) vegetarian is to give your body a break from always digesting meat.

You slowly become aware of the vibrations of the foods you are eating by doing this and your body starts to feel better and become a little happier.

Now, that voice in your head is going to miss meat and so are the parasites if you have them, but the vegetarian voice will like and it will guide you on what it likes and what you should try. This is the feminine guidance voice that connects you to Mother Earth and the foods she provides.

Plants and Animals have energy connected to how they are raised, fertilized, taken care of and then used as food.

Even herbs that you take go through a process and not all herbs have the highest vibrations.

The key is giving your digestive system a break so that the intestines can heal if they need to.

Many people have gut related issues like joint pain, IBS, bloating, and celiac. The vegetables, and new vitamins and minerals teach your body to heal.

Benefits of Changing Your Diet

What I like about eating vegetarian is that it brings out your creative side when you begin to cook, menu plan, and share this information with children and others in the family.  Eyes begin to widen, you get lots of faces, maybe even some protests but somehow internally you begin to find your inner power and guidance and ways to fit vegetales into the meals that the whole family enjoys.

You notice everyone’s energy begins to increase, everyone loses a few pounds, and you begin to have more glow around you.

Your skin actually begins to look a little different and your clothes feel a little better.

Your confidence begins to increase with every vegetable challenge.

You rise to the occasion and you are constantly beginning to think out of the box.

And when the frustration appears, it's time to learn some new tools to keep you calm like breathwork and meditation. And, you can treat yourself to an easily digestible meal like fish or seafood.

Step 5 - Finding the Root Issue

Now that we have given your insides a break and done some cleansing, it is time to explore the root issue!

What is the root issue you ask?

You will only find out after some exploration.

This is where you need a guide to help you get to the root issue.

What’s Next for You?

If you’ve made it this far, congratulate yourself. You’ve invested MAJOR time and energy into yourself and your healing!

I pray that the steps I’ve laid out for you here help you understand what’s in front of you and gives you some idea of what you can achieve.

But if you aren’t sure you can do it yourself, have self doubt that it might actually work for you, or just want to find out more, please contact me.

Peace & Love,