guides-cropPeople often seek out an intuitive or psychic reading for many different reasons.

Some clients are looking for guidance with complex circumstances such as relationships, career, family or health issues.

Others want to re-connect with someone who has passed away, or get in touch with their spiritual guides.

Intuitive readings can also help you process experiences from past lives or help you realize your highest potential in this life. And the best part is that you get to decide what you'd like to work on and I will be your guide!

Intuitive Psychic Readings Wherever You Are

I'm located in Covington, Louisiana, making it convenient to work with local clients from Slidell, Mandeville, Covington, Hammond and metro New Orleans. However, we can easily work together via telephone and skype if you are in a different part of the country.

What Can You Expect With An Intuitive Reading?

There are several types of intuitive readings. Perhaps the most simple explanation is that you have questions and we tap into your guides to help find the answers.

A lot of people have life questions they want answered. You can be specific with those questions or we can just begin the reading and let the answers unfold.

Readings can be done over the phone, email or in person. The intuitive readings generally take about an hour and can be requested online and are $100. I will send you a PayPal request and set the date for your reading. Its that easy!

Trusting Your Guides

Each reading is unique and will vary depending on the person receiving the reading and their emotional state.

Also, the more honest and open you are during your reading, the better results you will see. As an intuitive, there’s not much I haven’t heard and you can rest assured that your information will always remain confidential.

Ultimately, a reading can help you accept and find balance with the one thing that is constant in life: change.

We believe that by learning to trust YOUR own intuition and spiritual guides, you will be empowered to walk confidently down the path that has been laid before you.