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I help women tap into their feminine energy to create health, wealth & happiness in 3 steps:

We start with your pain points & blocks around relationships, money, self-doubt or fear so you can move forward.

Integrating powerful new tools & skills connects you to your natural feminine spirit & the universal abundance around you.

Elevate your life in ways you never thought possible by trusting your feminine spirit to let things unfold instead of planning them out.

Stress Less, Connect More 21 Day Challenge

Starts November 27th

Fill Your Soul, The Feminine Way

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Hi, I'm Lillian & I am honored that you are here!

I am a Reiki Therapist, Intuitive Guide and Teacher. My journey began over 20 years ago with psychic and medium readings & now includes Reiki, Angel healings and Shamanic work.

Today, I find the most joy in helping women develop a new way of enriching their lives by finding what I call the Feminine Flow of Abundance.

Abundance is not just about money. It's about finding joy in relationships, your family, your health, your career and the Spiritual World all around you.

I teach women how to recognize and manifest this abundance in a new, SPICY way! The feminine way. The sexy, confident and relaxed way.

Peace and Love, Lillian


Shen So Su Crystal Meditation Cache

Take your meditations to a whole new level with one of a kind and brand new crystal meditation mask, Shen So Su.


Shen So Su means “Spirit of Healing and Love” & is the first product of its kind to combine the healing force of love & the energetic properties of crystals in a stylish, comfortable & convenient mask designed to enhance meditation and elevate your life.

Awaken Change® Sprays

Your keys to making lasting changes
on your spiritual journey

Starting on your spiritual path begins with working on your mindset in order to allow change to enter your life. One of the ways we help clients shift their mindset is by introducing new tools for healing into your life and teaching you how to use them along your journey.

Over the years I’ve learned to use a variety of healing tools - from Reiki malas to essential oils - and everything in between!

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My 10 Favorite Healing Tools

For Personal Growth & Developing Your Intuition

Get the list of my 10 absolute favorite healing tools (like meditation & crystals) and how I use them to help clients make major changes in their lives.

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