Stress Less, Connect More 21 Day Challenge

Begins November 27th

Are you tired of living a life filled with SO MUCH stress? You're not alone!

Many of us wake up feeling tired after a restless night of tossing, turning, and worrying about the day to come. Or struggling to be present and remember to breathe throughout the day when faced with endless to-do lists and feeling overcommitted.

We wander through our days, from one problem to the next, wondering why life is passing us by so quickly.

It doesn't have to be this way.

There is a better path. One where you feel less stress AND more connected to the world around you.

That's what this challenge is all about!


What You'll Experience During the Stress Less, Connect More Challenge

  • Learning reliable techniques for removing stress from your day in a matter of minutes
  • Recognizing what the stress "vibe" feels like and eliminating it quickly
  • Sleeping peacefully through the night & waking up feeling rested
  • Feeling calmer and more present throughout the day
  • Connecting to your intuition when you need it most by releasing stress
  • Recognizing your natural abilities and structuring your days to maximize them
  • Learning about your destiny and what you need to change to make it happen
  • And much more!

Challenge Price: $222

Enrolling in the challenge also gets you a copy of Fill Your Soul the Feminine Way

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Bonus Offer!

For just $299, you'll also get a Private Intuitive Session with me as part of your Challenge.

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