True Love from Awaken Change®

Find or Rekindle Your True Love

A few pumps and an open mind are all it takes

Are you looking for true love? Not having any luck finding quality dates?

Do you feel alone or bored? Do you need to add passion back into your relationship?

Do you need to find good friends or improve your family relationships?

True Love is an major relationship booster, whether you are starting from scratch looking for a perfect mate or if you have a long history of relationship problems. This angel and crystal infused mist fills your heart with passion and compassion. It helps heal broken hearts, and opens your heart and mind to new opportunities. It also helps connect you with your own self love. Because if we don’t love ourselves how can someone else love us!

This product is extremely helpful for teenagers, parents, and people wanting to improve their relationships with others or want to find true love.

Mist a few pumps on yourself, ask the universe for what you need and watch as the life-giving energy of True Love enters your life. It might happen right away, later that day or soon after. Open yourself up to the opportunities which await you.

Directions for Use:

Pump 2-3 mists near the face, body or any other object you would like to infuse with positive energy such as your bills, computer, car, workspace, etc.

Use daily or multiple times daily as desired

As you spray, set your intentions to invite money, opportunity, insight or abundance into your life


Do not ingest

Do not use with skin rashes or conditions

Do not purchase this product unless you have an open mind!