Intuitive Transformation Program

Reconnect, Discover & Breakthrough With My Unique Transformation Program

Has the creativity and drive disappeared from your life? Are you bumping up against a problem, obstacle or ceiling that you just can’t seem to breakthrough? Or are you tired of hearing the same old excuses from yourself about why you aren’t living the life you really want?

My Transformation Program is custom designed for people who feel like they’ve tried a variety of self help programs or coaches but just can’t seem to make the changes stick.

We work together on a regular basis to discover what’s holding you back, discover your guides and receive the instructions you need to fix your problem. I will guide you toward the right messages, tools and decisions along the way.

The Secret to Transformation

I believe the reason that most self help programs fail is that they never address the ROOT of the problem.  Most of the time, outward problems such as lack of success at work or being overweight or have deep seated roots in fear or self worth issues. If you never address the fear at the root of the problem, you’ll never truly get past it no matter what you do. My Transformation Program is designed to help you discover what’s at the cause of your blocks and creating a plan to breakthrough to a happier, fuller life.

What Do You Get In the Transformation Program?

  • Discovery Session & Strategy Planning
  • Weekly Intuitive Mentoring Sessions
  • Introduction to Healing Tools at Appropriate Times
  • Ongoing Support & Guidance via Phone, Email & Text
  • Access to On Demand Content Library

Pricing: Please contact me for pricing on this program