Soul Purpose from Awaken Change®

Find Your True Calling & Passion in Life

A few pumps and an open mind are all it takes

Do you ever feel like you have no idea what you want to be when you grow up? Are you a hard worker but just can’t see the success that you have achieved in material form?

Or maybe you have reached your life goal but find yourself wondering… “is this all there is”?

Soul Purpose will awaken you to your true calling and passion in life. It will open your eyes so you can measure material success and align it with all the work you have done. It will help you take risks and shed the fear that’s keeping you from finding wealth. It will help you work smart and get paid for thinking and not just doing.

Soul Purpose is infused with grounded love, distant healing, knowledge from ascended masters and channeled energy from the universe!

This is very beneficial for anyone that wants to see success in a new way, lacking motivation, needs to release guilt or family karma around jobs or money and someone that wants to find their soul purpose!

Mist a few pumps on yourself, ask the universe for what you need and watch as the life-giving energy of Soul Purpose enters your life. It might happen right away, later that day or soon after. Open yourself up to the opportunities which await you.

Directions for Use:

Pump 2-3 mists near the face, body or any other object you would like to infuse with positive energy such as your bills, computer, car, workspace, etc.

Use daily or multiple times daily as desired

As you spray, set your intentions to invite money, opportunity, insight or abundance into your life


Do not ingest

Do not use with skin rashes or conditions

Do not purchase this product unless you have an open mind!