40 day reiki weight loss challenge

40 Day Reiki Weight Loss Challenge

Are you tired of carrying around extra weight that just won’t seem to go away. If you’ve tried dieting, exercise or watching what you eat with limited success, I want to let you in on a little secret.

Weight loss isn’t just about what you put in your body or how much you exercise. It’s about the emotional weight from yourself and everyone around you that you carry around with you each and every day.

That’s where Reiki Weight Loss comes in.

What does the 40 Day Reiki Weight Loss program do for you?

  • I will teach you the different layers of weight loss. You have emotional, physical, spiritual and mental. All layers hold weight. Everyone begins in a different one but I address all layers in the program and how to release the weight.
  • We will uncover your “block” whether it is for food, exercise, stress or your surroundings.
  • We will tap into the emotional blocks and give you tools to successfully overcome them!
  • You will raise your current vibration to a higher and lighter vibe.
  • You will learn protective boundaries to keep emotional and physical “weight” off of the body.
  • You will learn what your spirit likes to do for fun, for exercise and what to eat!
  • You will create awareness for your obligations and burdens that you are choosing over your own health and wellness.
  • You will feel lighter and brighter and learn to balance your chakras and clean your aura.
  • We will discuss the many voices and how they affect your food choices, your wellbeing and what you actually want to do in your life.
  • The program will teach you how to connect daily to your own energy and shift energy immediately to peace and joy and release any pain.

How do we do this together?


We have an initial call to determine your goal for the 40 day challenge and then what your spirit wants you to do.


You will receive a daily video from me, 10 minutes or under with your spiritual lesson and message from your guides.


You will then take another 5-10 minutes to journal either about what the lesson brought up for you or what you need to write down and get out of your body and mind that day.


I’m here to assist you when you need it.

Here is what I require from you!

You will fill out a commitment contract that clearly states the rules of the program. You must commit to watching the video and doing the exercise for the whole 40 days without skipping a day. This is the most important part!

I will send the video by email to you so you can do it anytime during the day on your own time.

Even if you go on vacation, part of the lesson is being able to do it while you travel!

You will check in daily to confirm you have completed the lesson.

This 40 day challenge package is $897. This is two designer shoes for some people and a big stretch for others.  It's just a number but one that will help you commit for the whole 40 days.

No refunds. For my other retail products I have a full return policy. This is not a try and buy and decide you’re not ready for the program.

Does this call to you? Are you ready to finally start losing the emotional burdens you have been hanging on to? Are you ready to release the past that translates into extra weight?  Come with me on this 40 day challenge to live a healthy and happy life no matter what size you are!

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