Meditation Challenge

“Holidaze” 21 Day Meditation Challenge

If you like what meditation does for you, but have never been able to consistently develop your own practice, I’ve got something exciting and totally unique just for you!

I’m leading a 21 Day Meditation Challenge starting November 16th.

Goals for this challenge include:

  • Helping you develop a quick & easy meditation practice
  • Learning to find time for meditation even when you’re busy
  • Learn to experience true peace & calm in a matter of minutes
  • Start receiving solutions to problems which arise during your practice

The price of the program is just $179. But it’s ONLY open to 76 people.

Why 76?

Because each of you will receive:

  • A group kickoff call to get you started on the right foot
  • A video each day with an inspirational message & short guided meditation
  • The accountability of checking in to our group daily & sharing your wins
  • Customized messages from your guides each day
  • Personalized healing for your mind, body & spirit
  • Plus, a hand-chosen Shen So Su Meditation Cache (valued at $179)

Choose Your Shen So Su!

Choose Your Shen So Su!

Why November 16th?

Because I want you to develop a meditation practice you will be proud of as you enter the holiday season, when many of us feel the most stressed we do all year.

My goal is to help you develop your meditation practice BEFORE you start thinking about New Year’s Resolutions!

Special Bonus Offer: Choose Your Free Gift!

The price of the challenge is just $179.

But how much more fun would it be if you did it with a friend?!?

So instead of just spending money this holiday season on a present, why not give a friend the gift of a better meditation practice and their very own crystal filled meditation mask, Shen So Su?

If you bring a friend with you to the challenge, you can take your pick of one of our Energy Sprays, valued at $20 each!

Choose Your Free Spray!

Choose Your Free Spray!

Plus, you each will receive your own Shen So Su, plus save your spots in the meditation challenge.

It’s a holiday gift that will keep on giving for years to come.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you complete the 21 day meditation challenge with me by watching each lesson and are not completely thrilled with what you’ve learned or how it’s helped your life, I’ll give you a full refund!

Space is Limited, Sign Up Today

We are only accepting 76 people into this challenge, and at this price, seats will go fast!

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