Healing with Angels: A Special 22-Day Challenge

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Angels are powerful healers! They give us everything we need to heal, co-create with the universe and truly live a blessed life!

I’m incredibly excited to roll out this special challenge for the first time and really introduce you to the angels who I consider some of my closest friends.

This challenge will take you on a journey of building a rewarding relationship that you’ll enjoy on every level: Mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, and etheric!!

We first have to heal ourselves before we heal others! That’s why I’ve structured this challenge in a new way.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Days 1-9: Learning the different angels, what they do, how they can help you, and how to meditate with them!

Days 10-17: Using the angels to clear, renew, and restore balance in your chakras while also learning about the chakras and your aura and how to self-heal.

Days 18-20: Using Angel oracle cards, how to decode the messages and get the answers from the angels that you have in this lifetime.

Day 21: How to make your own Angel Water to clear your house, kids, pets, and work environment

Day 22: Angel Cube clearing to leave the challenge with 6 of your new best friends!


Price: $111

Enrolling in the challenge also gets you a copy of Fill Your Soul the Feminine Way

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