Intuitive Readings tap into your guides to get the answer you are looking for and guide you on the correct path.

Reiki is the awareness that an unseen energy flows through all living things and directly effects the quality of a person’s health.

Teaching and inspiring you to be your best by using spiritual tools which allow you to connect and have an incredible relationship with spirit.


Welcome to Awaken Change, a place to start your journey or continue your practice. I am honored that you are here. I help open your mind and connect your heart, soul and body to achieve the ultimate balance of health and wellness.

I am a Reiki Therapist, Rainbow Reiki practitioner, an Intuitive Guide and a teacher. My journey began over 20 years ago with psychic and medium readings. That evolved over time to include Usui Reiki, Rainbow Reiki, Angel healings and Shaman work.

In this lifetime I am here to help you achieve a different way of thinking, and to help you manifest the life that you want by transforming your thoughts, developing your intuition and guiding you down the path to greatness!

My passion is to help others find their soul’s purpose. Living a life filled with love heals everything!

Peace and Love, Lillian


Your keys to making lasting changes
on your spiritual journey

Starting on your spiritual path begins with working on your mindset in order to allow change to enter your life. One of the ways we help clients shift their mindset is by introducing new tools for healing into your life and teaching you how to use them along your journey.

Over the years I’ve learned to use a variety of healing tools - from Reiki malas to essential oils - and everything in between!

Click here and let me show you my absolute favorite healing tools!




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