Abundance 40 Day Challenge


The time has come for me to help you BUST through your major block in life that is holding you back. 18months ago I hired a coach for $40,000. I had a block I just could not explain. I knew it was there, I knew it was holding me back from living my soul purpose and I knew I was sick of it. She put me on a 40 day challenge. My husband and I did it together.

That forty day challenge got rid of my inner saboteur, helped me write and publish my first book, and has gotten me into my soul purpose as a spiritual teacher of abundance in the public, not just behind closed doors. I truly am connected with my life’s purpose.

I want that for you. Not that exact path. But this feeling of completeness inside.

Now I’m offering a 40 day challenge that I will personally lead you through instead of just telling you to do it. 99.9% of people never finish. So I thought let me change those statistics and really get you over the REAL block.

What does it do?

1)This challenge specifically takes you from one frequency you are living in and elevates you to a higher, more abundant frequency permanently.
2) It will align you with your soul purpose in this lifetime. ( Sounds big but it does uncover what really makes your spirit sing!)
3) It finally releases ( for good) at least one huge block that is holding you back.

How do we do this together?

1) You will receive a daily video from me 10 minutes or under with your spiritual lesson and message from your guides.
2) You will then take another 5-10 minutes to journal either about what the lesson brought up for you or what you need to write down and get out of your body and mind that day.
3) We have an initial call/ to determine your goal for the 40 day challenge and then what your spirit wants you to do. Think of it as the shining side of you and the blocked side. We address both.
4) I’m here to assist you when you need it.

Here is what I require from you!

You must commit to watching the video and doing the exercise for the whole 40 days without skipping a day. This is the most important part! I will send the video by email to you so you can do it anytime during the day on your own time.

Even if you go on vacation, part of the lesson is being able to do it while you travel!

This 40 day challenge package is $897. This is two designer shoes for some people and a big stretch for others. For me, this is a deal compared to $40,000. Its just a number but one that will help you commit. I learn through my wallet as you can see with the Universe.

Does this call to you? Are you ready to finally start and finish and eradicate your block and live life to the most abundant frequency?