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I’ve built this Community to give busy women the tools and support to create a deeper, richer life at your own pace, while making sure you have the opportunity to make new friends and have lots of FUN along the way!

What’s Inside:

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Is This the Right Tribe for You?

Women usually seem to find me when they’re feeling stuck, as though there is another life waiting for them that they can’t quite access.

They’re having trouble finding the path, but they know what they want is to feel and act more confident in this new, more enlightened version of themselves.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Are you willing to expand into the new you?

Are you willing to learn new things and contribute to other’s success?

Are you willing to love yourself through all changes and have accountability while you do it?

If you answered YES, this group is for you!
You just have to be willing. And let the magic unfold.

The Power of the Right

Over the years, I've worked with clients in both a 1-1 setting as well as countless courses, workshops & groups, but I've found that certain things happen in a group dynamic that are nothing short of magical:

  • The universe shows you the exact nuggets you need for where you are in any given moment to help you take the next steps
  • You meet new like minded friends who share your new interests
  • You gradually find your voice, feeling confident enough to participate and speak up
  • The element of accountability provides the encouragement to do things you might not otherwise think you could

My Hope For You!


You are an intuitive person, whether you know it or not. I want to help you hone in on your gifts and talents, learn different ways to heal, and connect with other kindred spirits!


I want to teach you the connection between mind, body and Spirit so you can find your true self in your career, your love life, your health and in your family!


I want to teach you my proven Awaken Change system so that you can bring more joy, laughter, fun, money and love into your life! It's like baking a cake. I have the recipe but you can mix it up and add your own ingredients!

Intuition + Love =
Pure Magic & True Connection to Your Mind, Body,
and Spirit.

Everything we do is based on love. Love is a vibration. Love is a practice. Love is a gift.

Love also has some hard lessons.

How we love ourselves and how we love others determines how abundant we are in our life!

Do we think we are loveable and do we think we deserve all the love this Universe has to offer?

Are you able to tap into that unlimited source of love for yourself?

Are you able to feel that unconditional love for yourself?

Do you know what path to follow and what voice to listen to?

Sometimes we block our success because we are fearful of the outcome. We don’t trust the Universe to take care of us.

We will block meeting our true love partner because our subconscious is telling us we are not worthy of true love.

We will sabotage our family or relationship with our kids or even our career because we were taught unhealthy patterns of giving and receiving and manifesting.

As we grow together as a group, we will experience magic, miracles, love, healing and everything Spiritual.

We will also work hard to uncover blocks, old patterns that need releasing, and reprogramming to a positive and optimistic attitude.

We will also discover friendship, support and love in a new way without judgment.

We will also learn about money, meditation, movement, and how to integrate the spiritual into the physical with ease.

Take the next step!

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Praise for Lillian’s Work with Clients Like You

Miah Peach
Miah Peach
After seven consecutive days of virtual gong therapy, I feel that this healing modality is both versatile and deeply transformative. Each session has a specific intention that is seeded by way of the sound vibrations, so I was able to simply lay back and enjoy the sensations. Lillian seamlessly channels the unique energies needed to create deep healing and connection with source. Throughout the course of the week, I felt blockages being cleared and a fog being lifted as each vibration and session carried me closer to my true self. These sessions were so effective that I feel compelled to continue them regularly. Thank you Lillian!
Angela Boyer
Angela Boyer
Lillian changed my life and I am forever grateful. I have carried unnecessary baggage around for years, weighing my soul down and hindering my spiritual growth. Lillian has helped me realize many truths and she has helped me in my recovery from the devastating loss of my 19-year old son. She is extremely intuitive and healing in all she says and does. She is an amazing blessing! I have recommended her to my closest loved ones and they have all received healing experiences.
Kristin Louque
Kristin Louque
Lillian is a wonderful inspiration and a mentor! Her class Taught me to be more specific and decisive about what I want. These skills help me to be more mindful and intentional in all aspects of my life. Her tutelage helped me find a beautiful piece of property to move my family, after an eight year search . We get to enjoy nature on a daily basis. I’ve had two pay increases at work and extra income from a rental property. I’m blessed to know her! ~Kristin~
Skincare by Kelly
Skincare by Kelly
I have been working with Lillian for three years!! I cannot say enough she has done wonders for my personal and professional life. Her sprays are absolutely unbelievable!! Do not walk run to see her!!
erin piske
erin piske
Working with Lillian is like a sanctuary for my soul! She is a supportive, encouraging friend & powerful energy healer. Every time I see her it’s a comforting, empowering experience. She has helped me bring a new perspective to my relationships & flexibility to my life. She has held a beautiful vision for the business I want to birth & guided me from feeling stuck to having the courage to let go of my sales career ‘ bring my dream business to life!
Charlotte Carp
Charlotte Carp
Lillian was awesome! I highly recommend :)
Kyri Melancon
Kyri Melancon
Lillian has be amazing to work with both for Reiki and guidance for understanding how to use and develop my own intuition. I've had multiple sessions over the past year and every time I leave feeling calm, confident, relieved of any anxiety, and spiritually sound. Our Reiki sessions always find the blockages that coincide with what's happening in my personal or professional life without even needing to tell Lillian background information on the situation. Beyond emotional and spiritual healing, Lillian as be an asset in guiding me through my journey to a healthier physical lifestyle as well. Plus, her Mantra Infused Mists are great! When I used the Soul Purpose mist, I feel energized and ready to take on the task ahead. Highly recommend!
kristen johnson
kristen johnson
Lillian has an abundance of knowledge of healing and soulful purpose...she reiterated the fact that I needed to go dairy-free in my diet and reassured me that what I was feeling was normal...she is kind and has a positive energy that you want to absorb and take her home with you!!!
Danielle Stone
Danielle Stone
Lillian has helped both me and my son over this past year. Both of us have become more grounded and focused in a balanced way. I highly recommend her.
Stephanie Weeks
Stephanie Weeks
So helpful! Amazing Results I would highly Reccomend!!!!